Leoni and Diehl: strategic partnership dedicated to electromobility

Focus on innovative energy and data transmission in high-voltage battery systems

Nuremberg – Leoni and Diehl have agreed a strategic partnership covering battery systems for electric and hybrid vehicles. Leoni is a global provider of energy and data management solutions in the automotive sector and other industries. Diehl is a significant partner to the automotive industry with its innovative solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles. The two companies will in future be working together on energy and data transmission as well as heat management across the entire value creation process. The partnership’s aim is to build on the skills of the two companies and to offer customers system solutions for electromobility from a single source.

Compared with the automotive business as a whole, the market for electrically powered vehicles promises disproportionately strong growth rates averaging more than 30 percent a year globally through to 2025. Instead of individual components, the carmakers are furthermore increasingly calling for all-in solutions and systems. Leoni and Diehl will be addressing both trends by working together.

“Leoni and Diehl complement each other perfectly with respect to existing technologies and know-how when it comes to high-voltage applications in battery systems,” said Dr Heiner Schunk, President of Diehl Metall’s Corporate Division Board. Martin Stüttem, member of Leoni AG's Executive Board with responsibility for the Wiring Systems Division, added: “We are confident that we will be offering our customers new, attractive solutions in the growing market for alternative drive systems.”

Leoni and Diehl will be pooling their expertise and will thereby be able to provide system solutions for high-voltage battery systems in e-vehicles. In so doing, the two companies will be combining Leoni's expertise in wiring, connector systems, battery and heat management with Diehl’s know-how involving cell contacting systems.

System solutions from a single source

With respect to the requirements for high-voltage batteries, the two companies will be offering their customers joint product solutions that complement each other in the best possible way as a system. They will thereby be able to resolve the complex task of energy and data transmission including the special demands of e-mobility with fundamentally new approaches and complement this with more elements ranging all the way to a battery management system. This will reduce the number of interfaces and facilitate optimum incorporation in the whole wiring system. The collaboration will furthermore yield greater value creation.

The strategic partnership between Leoni and Diehl will enable the two companies to provide for energy and data distribution as well as interconnection within the high-voltage battery of an electric vehicle. In terms of products, the partnership will initially concentrate on the following: cell contacting systems and module connectors, the battery management system as well as heat-conducting solutions and management.

A collaboration agreement signed today constitutes the first formal step of this strategic partnership between Leoni and Diehl.