Leoni becoming the most innovative provider of cables for “green” applications

Environmentally friendly products presented at the Hanover Trade Show under the motto of “Innovative cables for green technologies”

Nuremberg – Leoni, the leading provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, is increasingly supplying product for environmentally friendly applications. At the Hanover Trade Show the Company will unveil for the first time products in the area of “green” technologies, displaying them in the form of a value chain.

In view of the growing market for environmental technology, Leoni is broadening its range of corresponding wires, cables and cable systems. Whichever green application may be developed and used in the future – the Company will provide the electrical connection for it and has set itself the medium-term objective of becoming the most innovative manufacturer of cables for environmentally friendly technologies.

Numerous Leoni products are already contributing to protection of the environment. For example, a wiring system made for hybrid, electric and fuel cell-powered vehicles will be on display on stand C77 in hall 13 of the Hanover Trade Show. It involves a special high voltage system that vehicles with alternative drive technologies require in addition to the conventional cable harness. Underpinning these forward-looking wiring systems is Leoni’s Hivocar special cable: it is highly flexible, shielded and rated for up to 600 volts.

Charging cable for electric cars

In Hanover, Leoni will also present a new charging cable for electric vehicles that was developed for use at electric service stations. Even though the industry has not yet agreed on a uniform standard for the charging method – Leoni can support all application options with its flexible, robust coiled cable and is working with leading energy companies on the specific design and implementation.

The cable specialist is contributing further to making vehicles more environmentally friendly: the wiring system’s weight can be reduced by up to 20 percent with the help of lighter materials, well thought-out architecture and thinner conductor cross sections. In the case of the battery cables, which are normally one of the heaviest parts of the cable harness, the weight saving is even as much as 40 percent. This lowers the energy demand and consequently the CO2 emission of the vehicles. 

Cables for sun and wind

Leoni also provides a large number of products for the renewable energy sector. The Company will, for instance, present its BETAflam cable in Hanover. It is the first photovoltaic cable to have been approved both in Europe and the United States for connecting modules and inverters. The solar portfolio also comprises fiber optic cables for controlling the mirrors in solar thermal energy plants and – completely new on the market – tinned flat wires for connecting the modules inside the solar panels.

With halogen-free, high-quality insulated control and power supply cables we also provide the right connection for wind turbines. In addition there are fiber optic cables and components for data transmission in the tower as well as flat strands for protection against lightning and earthing ropes.

Apart from the use of these products in green technologies, Leoni also pays attention to environmental compatibility in the production of its cables. Both the materials employed and the production processes are increasingly geared to sustainability.