Leoni commended for commitment to career preparation

Facility in Roth selected as number one in the SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT competition ‘That has Potential’

Nuremberg – Leoni, the leading European provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, was presented yesterday in Berlin with the first national ‘That has Potential’ prize issued by the SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT (School-Economy) task force in the category ‘Middle-sized Companies’. Presentation of this award was based on the commitment of Leoni's facility in Roth in the areas of vocational guidance, career choice and internships. With its multifaceted and practical experience-oriented projects, the Company is committed to helping youngsters in recognising their potential and in pursuing their chosen paths in a targeted way. Leoni was already given the Bavarian state-level prize in October.

“We are proud of our multifaceted SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT-related work – what impresses me most in so doing are the young people themselves,” said Wolfgang Lösch, the facility’s managing director and chairman of the task force in Roth-Schwabach. “During our ‘Apprenticeships Evening’, for example, our apprentices and students presented their courses not only vividly, but also in a highly professional manner.” Application training, apprenticeship fairs, career days and also such innovative concepts as the 'Heavy Metal Girls' film competition and 'Dad’s Daily Routine’ for primary school pupils: as the Roth region’s largest employer, Leoni is committed to promoting training with a variety of practice-related projects.

Illustrating prospects in a practice-related way

With its commitment, Leoni provides not only guidance in choosing a career, but also enables pupils to make a smooth transition into apprenticeships. When it comes to highlighting prospects, internships and collaboration with schools often lay the foundation. This is what Melanie Gienger-Schütz, pupil at Roth Secondary School, also experienced: “I really enjoyed my taster internship at the Technical Training Center. The instructors and apprentices allowed me to try out a lot of things and took time to explain everything to me – that strengthened my desire even more to train for a technical career after school.”

Roland Dorn, Senior Vice President Human Resources at LEONI Kabel in Roth, also reaffirmed: “Recruiting the next generation is of key significance to our future.” This close collaboration with schools gives potential future recruits an initial insight into the opportunities that Leoni offers. “In this way we pre-empt bottlenecks in finding new skilled staff and simultaneously fulfil our social responsibility as a business that provides training,” Dorn said. This year’s final results of the Company’s apprentices also show that this concept works: for instance, Marie Herzog scored the best result in Bavaria in the examination set by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce to qualify as an Management Assistant for Human Resources, while Alexander Grossberger scored highest in the Franconia region in the examination to qualify as an industrial mechanic.

About 50 Bavarian companies submitted their projects to the Germany-wide competition. The prize was presented for the second time to enterprises that make a particular contribution to the SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT network and, with their commitment, function as role models for other businesses in the region.