Leoni develops fire-proof Industrial Ethernet cable for enhanced safety

Premiere of FieldLink cable at the SPS IPC Drives

Friesoythe – The newly developed Cat.5e Industrial Ethernet cable from Leoni’s FieldLink product family boasts extreme fire resistance. The individual cores as well as the cable’s shield are protected by a fire-proof coating designed for high temperatures.

Thanks to its FRNC outer jacket, the new cable is halogen-free, flexible and low-smoke. Furthermore, the new FieldLink cable has UL Recognition status pursuant to UL Standard 758 (AWM – Appliance Wiring Material) for the North American market.  

The cable has successfully passed the IEC 60331 Part 23 (90 min) fire test. During the test a cable under voltage is placed into a combustor and connected to a current. The flame is applied to the sample for a period of 90 minutes. The test is deemed to have been passed after two such procedures if the current still flows and no short circuit has occurred. The cable is then classified FE 90*.

Leoni has extended its FieldLink range with this new Industrial Ethernet cable and thus provides new solutions for tough industrial environments.

Fully functional safety equipment and professional fire protection are essential in many areas. Flame retardance and a self-extinguishing function of the cables are key properties with respect to avoiding fire. Total loss involving buildings, interior furnishings and installed technology can be prevented, because the smoke is low and the fire can not spread further.

* FE90: flame or fire exposure at 90 min burning period