Leoni now provides drag-capable Cat. 6A Industrial Ethernet cable in an easy-to-strip version

Easier handling and reliable transfer of 10 Gbit/s without pair shielding

Friesoythe – Leoni, the leading European provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, is focussed particularly on enhanced user-friendliness in the further development of its Cat. 6A Industrial Ethernet cable. This new ES version of our star performer in terms of transfer rate is consequently just that: extremely easy to strip. Not only does this enhance user convenience, rapid assembly in the field also reduces installation time and thus provides an immediate financial benefit. Of course this ES version retains the ability to reliably transfer 10 Gbit/s and mechanical resistance to more than one million flex cycles – without any interfering pair shield foil.

Leoni's Cat. 6A cable is not only optimised for application in a drag chain with transfer rates of 10 Gbit/s at up to 500 MHz, it also does without any additional pair shield foils. This innovative feature makes it possible to easily fit, for example, RJ 45 and M12 x-coded connectors in the field, thereby saving time and money.

The four core pairs are separated by, among other things, a special filler in a star shape. This element and a foil shield around the cable core make any additional pair shielding of the core superfluous and favour stable transmission combined with extreme flexibility. Leoni's solution withstands more than a million flex cycles with a maximum bend radius of 132 mm (15 × D) without any problem. This flexibility was tested in Leoni's own drag chain testing centre on a line with 10 metres of travel, acceleration of up to 4 m/s² and speeds of up to 4 m/s.

Alongside this proven, long-lived flexibility, this ES version of Leoni's high performance cable from its FieldLink product family is resistant to oils, flame retardant and halogen-free. It also is UL-recognised to the AWM style standard.

Striving for the technical max/max combination

More bandwidth together with extreme flexibility: combining the maximum possible transfer rate with maximum flexibility in modern cable production has natural limits.  However, steadily mounting demand on the market is pushing cable manufacturers like Leoni to repeatedly stretch these limits. In modern factory automation, this pursuit is underpinned, for example, by applications with high-quality transmission of images from highly movable productions lines. The cabling used must reliably transfer this image data through the thicket of a rough industrial environment.

In the past, a cable choice had to be made between outstanding electrical transmission performance together with limited mechanical resilience or outstanding dynamic properties together with limited transmission performance. Drag-capable, Cat. 6A Industrial Ethernet cables are the called-for max/max combination for modern applications in factory automation. Connecting such high-performance cables has now also been made easier with an ES version by Leoni.