Leoni offers reliable diagnosis tools for computer centres with its loopback test adapters

High temperature-resistant solutions for QSFP in an extended product portfolio

Friesoythe/Nuremberg – Leoni, the leading European provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, has enhanced its portfolio of products for computer centres: alongside the common loopback test adapters, the company now also offers QSFP solutions resistant to high temperatures up to 125 °C. Loopbacks are ‘intelligent’ devices that send data from the transmitter to the receiver within a data port.

Leoni provides loopbacks in various versions, e.g. SFP+, SFP28, QSFP+ and QSFP 28*. All loopback test adapters facilitate cost-effective testing of ports in high-voltage switchgear. A potential data loss as well as the temperature and voltage level can be monitored and recorded during the test.

The SFP solutions support a total data rate of 10 GB/s and 25 GB/s. They conform to the prevailing industry standards (SSF) and have a 2-wire bus interface to store data on the memory map. The novelty in this case is that the test adapter is additionally fitted with an LED that displays the operating power mode. It can also show whether the switch has dialled into the module. The thermal layout of this version ranges from 0 °C to 70 °C.

The QSFP+ loopback variants support total data rates of 40 GB/s and 100 GB/s as well as programmable output classes. They can likewise be fitted with an optional, two-colour LED and are fully SFF-compliant. The QSFP loopbacks also have a 2-wire bus interface for optimum temperature and voltage monitoring as well as to store data on the memory map. In the high temperature-resistant version, the thermal layout ranges up to 125 °C.

Generally, all Leoni loopbacks have an extended insertion life-cycle thanks to their special contact coating. The pull-tab is furthermore available in various colours.

* SFP and QSFP are form factors for transmission standards in computer centres. Both are used as connecting plugs for fiber and copper-based data transmission. SFP transfers data at 10 GB/s and 25 GB/s; QSFP at 40 GB/s and 100 GB/s. LEONI’s Business Unit Telecommunication Systems specialises in copper-based solutions.