Leoni refines preformed cable harness technology

Presentation of new foam materials to withstand up to 150 degrees at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show on Stand D40 in Hall 13

Nuremberg – Leoni, the leading provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, has taken production of preformed cable harnesses to a further stage of development and will unveil these new materials at the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade show in Hanover. The Company will also display components such as fuse and relay boxes, diverse conductor materials as well as cable solutions for alternative drive systems.

Leoni is in the vanguard of designing and producing preformed cable harnesses for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. They enable space and time-saving wiring of the engine, transmission and cab. The Company has now developed its technology further, achieving improvement especially in terms of temperature resistance. Leoni can now produce foamed cable harnesses that, depending on the requirements and area of application, resist up to 150 degrees while remaining flexible and absolutely tight. A PACCAR engine displayed on show stand D40 in hall 13 illustrates the benefits that can be realised with a preformed cable harness. In addition to increased protection of the cable against mechanical stresses, these include integration of fixings, vibration protection and precise fitting.

Mechatronic components safeguard basic functions

On its show stand, the cable specialist will also display mechatronic components that were not only designed in house, but have also recently begun coming off the Company's own production line. The offering includes high current fuses as well as fuse and relay boxes, which safeguard the vehicle’s basic electrical functions. Plastic parts such as cable conduits and equipment boxes round off the components portfolio.

Alternative conductor materials replacing copper

Furthermore, Leoni will be presenting the latest stage of development involving the replacement of copper – the proven, universal conductor – on its IAA stand. A rising number of electrical functions requiring more extensive wiring systems also on commercial vehicles, while weight is simultaneously to come down, call for intelligent concepts. Leoni will demonstrate the applications for which alternative materials such as aluminium, brass or alloys are suitable.

High voltage cable withstands up to 1000 volts

Finally, the Company will also present its solutions for alternative drive concepts. The focal point here is Hivocar, a high voltage cable for hybrid and electric vehicles. It is designed specifically for carrying high currents of up to 450 amps between the high voltage battery, power electronics and the motor or generator, ensuring that the switching frequency is shielded even in small installation spaces. Hivocar brand family cables are available in single or multi-core versions and withstand up to 1,000 volts on commercial vehicles or busses. Leoni will also be exhibiting connection technologies for alternative drive concepts.