Leoni supplies cables for the city of the future

Focus on global megatrends – display at Hanover Trade Show under the motto “Urbanisation and Environment” – Stand C 81, Hall 13

Nuremberg, 3 March 2011 – Leoni wants to benefit more from global megatrends in the future. On its stand at this year’s Hanover Trade Show, the leading provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries will thus appear under the motto of “Urbanisation and Environment”.

Global trends present companies with major challenges: people are living longer, becoming more mobile and are increasingly moving into large cities. They are integrating worldwide and are in shorter time trading ever more goods, which are being produced with increasing efficiency. This frequently raises resource consumption and environmental strain. These very megatrends simultaneously provide numerous opportunities – also for Leoni. 

“We are increasingly directing our activity at markets that are particular beneficiaries of these developments,” says Dr Klaus Probst, the cable specialist’s President and CEO.  “Leoni is, with its products and services, preparing for the change involving demography, ecology, mobility, globalisation, industrialisation and urbanisation. We will take advantage of these global trends by developing innovations that provide our customers with technological and commercial progress.”

Urbanisation: intelligently networked conurbations 

At the Hanover Trade Show, Leoni will illustrate on its Stand C 81 in Hall 13 the contribution the Company can make to ensuring good supply and a high quality of life in conurbations as they grow. The larger urban conglomerations become, the more difficult it is to manage and network them efficiently. High-performance cables and cable systems constitute lifelines in this respect. By way of example, the Nuremberg company will present intelligent solutions for environmentally-friendly personal and public transport, safe building wiring, resilient communication networks, sophisticated infrastructure projects, urban energy supply and efficient healthcare centres. 

Environment: innovative cable systems to protect resources  

Leoni will, at the Hanover Trade Show, devote itself to another megatrend and its pressing questions: protection of the environment. Shortages of resources and spoiling of living spaces call for rethinking at all levels in society. For industry this means increasing significance of green technologies, i.e. processes and products that are sustainable, energy-saving and environmentally compatible. Leoni is therefore expanding its range of products and services in this area and reaffirms its goal of becoming the most innovative manufacturer of cables for environmental technologies. 

On its show stand the Company will illustrate the contribution a cables group can make to environmental protection, for instance by supplying the automotive industry with weight-optimised wiring systems and high-voltage cable harnesses for vehicles with alternative drive system. Also on display will be charging cables for electric vehicles as well as wires, conductors and special cables for environmentally friendly markets such as the solar and wind power as well as railway industries. Furthermore, Leoni is using increasing proportions of low-pollutant materials such as cadmium-free copper alloys and halogen-free insulations materials for its products.