Leoni to showcase its latest family of high-voltage cables for electromobility at the Electric & Hybrid Expo

Varied range of the LEONI Hivocar® product family: flexible, temperature-resistant, high-voltage cables for power supply in electric and hybrid vehicles

Nuremberg – Leoni, a global provider of energy and data management solutions in the automotive sector and other industries, will present its comprehensive range of cables and solutions for electromobility at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, which is combined with the Battery Show, from 7 to 9 May in Stuttgart. In Hall 1, Booth 639, the Company will draw attention to the significance of its Hivocar product line for high-voltage power supply.

Power supply and connection of components with high-voltage cables plays a special role in electric and hybrid vehicles.  Leoni has specifically developed its Hivocar product line, which is being continually extended with new developments and designs, for this purpose.

Hivocar cables carry the current from the charging socket to the battery and, from there, to the electric motor via the inverter. They serve the internal wiring of the battery and supply such other high-voltage components as A/C compressors and electric heating with power. They are consequently the arteries of the power electronics and the HV wiring system.

The use of high-voltage cables in the electrical systems of vehicles with alternative drive technology imposes high requirements on the cable’s design; the electrical, mechanical, thermal and chemical properties as well as the materials used. Leoni’s Hivocar family meets these demands just as the high safety standards and stringent market requirements in compliance with the ISO, SAE, JASO and LV standards.

The cables boast stable and reliable electrical properties as well as very good thermal durability up to a continuous-use temperature of 200°C; briefly even up to 250°C. They also achieve outstanding levels in terms of electromagnetic compatibility as well as their mechanical strength. At the same time, they are exceptionally flexible and abrasion-proof.

Special insulation materials (fluoropolymers, thermoplastic elastomers, cross-linked polymers and silicone) are chosen for high-voltage applications. In addition, Leoni is working on the development of high-flex, temperature-resistant, silicone-free cable variants that nevertheless provide the favourable properties of silicone. They are consequently an innovative alternative akin to silicone cables.

Our Hivocar cable is available in single and multi-core versions, with copper or aluminium conductors, e.g. as a twisted pair or coiled cable, with and without shielding – depending on the intended application. A wide variety of designs according to extensive customer requirements are feasible.