Climate neutral by 2045: Leoni defines clear targets with ‘ReWire’ on its way to operating ever more sustainably

- New sustainability programme ups the pace towards ever more sustainability for humankind and the environment
- Focus on climate neutrality, resource efficiency as well as good working and living conditions where the Company is located
- Measurable interim steps will underpin Leoni’s claim of being the partner of choice for climate-friendly and resource-efficient mobility

Leoni AG has stepped up its pace towards ever more sustainability for humankind and the environment with its ReWire sustainability programme. The focus in this respect is on climate neutrality by 2045, efficient and sparing use of resources as well as good working and living conditions where the Company is located around the world.

“With ReWire, Leoni is underpinning its claim of being the partner of choice in the market for resource-efficient and climate-friendly mobility. We will make our business steadily more environmentally and socially compatible along the entire value chain. We are thereby contributing meaningfully to the sustainable and resource-saving mobility of tomorrow with our production,” Leoni CEO Aldo Kamper said.

As a key target, ReWire defines measurable steps on the way to achieving a 90 percent reduction in the Company's CO2 emissions by 2050 compared with the baseline year of 2021 – guided by the recommendations of the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). To this end, Leoni is, among other things, expanding use of renewable energy at all its facilities and taking action to improve energy efficiency.

The Company also intends to increasingly offset unavoidable emissions with the goal of attaining Leoni’s climate neutrality by 2045, and as early as 2035 in terms of direct energy consumption. Furthermore, the Company also sees great potential in the increased use of recycled material in its production, building on initial successes specifically with the raw material of copper.

Not least, ReWire also includes the issue of social sustainability by realising good working and living conditions at our facilities around the world. Against this backdrop, the sustainability programme focuses especially on the aspects of upskilling employees, occupational health and safety through to social projects in the communities where Leoni staff live. ReWire also sets a firm target for further increase of diversity and multiculturalism in the workforce.

“Sustainability is not a short-term trend, but will permanently change our core business. With ReWire, we have set ourselves specific, realistic and simultaneously ambitious targets. Alongside climate protection and the recycling economy, the focus is also on people and labour. Sustainability can only be achieved when we harmonise economic, ecological as well as social goals and inspire people in this respect,” said Dr Ursula Biernert, who is in charge of putting the sustainability programme into action as Leoni’s CHRO and Labour Director on the Executive Board.