CEO Aldo Kamper on Covid vaccinations at LEONI: “Every shot must quickly find its way into an arm”

- LEONI is now starting to vaccinate staff against Covid in Germany, too. Roth facility in the vanguard
- The Company quickly and voluntarily put itself at the forefront in the fight against the pandemic

Nuremberg, 02 June 2021 – The countdown is running: As of next week, LEONI will start offering staff in Germany, too, the opportunity to be vaccinated at their workplace against the coronavirus. The Company has already gained good experience doing so in other countries.

“We are pleased that vaccinations can now gradually begin at our domestic locations as well,” said Aldo Kamper, CEO of the Nuremberg-based company, with a view to next Monday. As we know, all company doctors in Germany will, as of 7 June 2021, also be permitted to support the national vaccination campaign. In the very same calendar week, the first Covid vaccine shots are then to be administered at LEONI.

The LEONI cables plant in Roth will lead the way. This voluntary offer to the roughly 840 employees was organised in close consultation with the local works council. The vaccination will start in those areas where, due to the nature of the work, staff must be on site at all times – so for instance in logistics, production and maintenance.

This in-house prioritisation is necessary because, in all likelihood, the demand for coronavirus vaccinations among the workforce will, at least at the beginning, be greater than the number of vaccine shots that will be made available to the company doctor via the national vaccination campaign on a weekly basis. LEONI is furthermore endeavouring to broaden this offer to other locations in Germany as quickly as possible.

“The health and safety of our employees has our highest priority,” Kamper emphasized. The Company was thus pleased to voluntarily put itself at the forefront in the fight against the pandemic. “For example, LEONI was very early to offer government the option of using our infrastructure so that every shot quickly finds its way into an arm.”

The Company, which has about 100,000 employees worldwide, has already gained good experience with Covid vaccinations in other countries  – for instance in the Ukraine and in Egypt; in Mexico, Romania, Brazil and Russia. Aldo Kamper: “Or take Serbia, where, in close collaboration with the local authorities, LEONI employees have for weeks had the opportunity to be vaccinated directly at the plant.” Successfully so.