Products & applications


Automotive & commercial vehicles

Insulation materials for cable production. With more than 50 of its own formulas developed in-house, LEONI ensures that the requirements arising from the particular applications of our customers are fulfilled in the best possible way.
LEONI Adascar®
Multi-core automotive cables for driving assistance – and active safety systems in application Comfort, Control, Power, Safety, Sensor and Truck.
LEONI Dacar®
Symmetrical, shielded and unshielded multi-core cables for data transmission in the vehicle and unsymmetrical coaxial cables with foamed or solid dielectric for antennas of all special and standard applications.
Extruded flat cables for space and weight saving wiring in the vehicle.
LEONI Hivocar®
High voltage automotive cables, shielded and unshielded for the electric powertrain of alternative drives.
LEONI Mocar®
High temperature resistant, single-core automotive cables for powertrain and the engine compartment.
LEONI PinchGuard®
The LEONI PinchGuard® system can be integrated in security systems applications for the automotive, transportation, aircraft and building technology as well as for medical applications. LEONI PinchGuard® is an optical anti-pinch sensor for motor driven closure systems for safety related applications including electric windows, powered tailgates, sliding doors, sunroofs, pedestrian protection systems, seat occupant sensors.


Special cables for all frequent bus systems
Special cables for professional audio/video applications


Corrugated cables and equipment for the connection of the antenna in mobile networks
Integrated system solution for fiber optic cabling
Integrated system solution for copper cabling for datacenter, office, industry
Individually shielded, parallel pair high speed cables for high data rates
Modular system peripherals in copper and fiber


Cable laying system
Premium safety cables, halogen free and flame retardant
400 Hz cable systems for parked aircraft
Shielded 5 kV primary cables for airfield lighting
Energy cables for power generation
PV connection systems
Cost-effective support for projects
Halogen free and flame retardant industrial cables, temperature resistant, very strain resistant, easy to handle
Premium wires and cables for rolling stock
Oil and chemical resistant connection cables, temperature resistant, halogen free, best fire performance, easy processible
High quality cables for measurement and control

Electrical appliances

LEONI EcoSense®
Halogen free cables and cord sets for the applications electrical appliances, building, lighting and e-mobility
Extruded flat cables for applications with minimal space requirement

Conductors & copper solutions

LEONI Histral®
High-strength cadmium free copper alloy

Fiber optics

Enabling Superior Lightning Solutions
AmbientFiber® is a radial emitting fiber for ambient lighting purposes with highest freedom of design for homogenous lighting effects in your unique product design or for ambient lighting. Easy to install and with huge scope for product designers. It is characterized by its homogenous distribution of light at 360° across the entire length of the fiber – in contrast to a point by point LED illumination. The core of the optical fiber consist of pure fused silica, which works to prevent any solarisation or photodegradation, meaning discolouration effects or undesirable reactions to incident sunlight.
Light guide fiber & cable solutions
Fibers and cables in compliance with international industrial standards (e. g. ITU-T G.651 – G.657, IEC 60793-2-10, IEC 60793-2-30, IEC 60793-2-40, IEC 60793-2-50) with optical fibers:
    •    made from glass (singlemode and multimode)
    •    with polymer cladded glass (PCF ➔ polymer cladded fiber)
    •    with polymer core (POF ➔ polymer optical fiber)
Many fiber types are also available as radiation-hard versions. We manufacture different cable designs from central core cables to breakout cables with all buffered fiber types and specific inner and outer jacketing materials as well as customized versions according to your needs. We use all fiber types to produce hybrid cables with optical fibers and electrical conductors, pneumatic lines etc. in almost any conceivable configuration. In addition we provide accessories and peripheral equipment such as splice and patch boxes, tools and measuring devices.
Special optical fiber technologies
Singlemode and multimode optical fibers with different core sizes, shapes and profiles, numerical apertures, coatings and claddings as well as fiber bundles and arrays for a wavelength range from 200 nm to 4 μm. All fibers can be produced and assembled according to your specific needs for industrial and medical applications, high-power laser transmission or optical metrology and sensor technology.
Light distribution for optical systems
Based on optical chip technology, the FiberSplit® product portfolio includes standard components such as 1xN or 2xN splitters as well as modules with integrated complex functionality for fiber optical singlemode and multimode systems. FiberSplit® products guarantee expandability with wide optical bandwidth and maximum bit rates thanks to extremely low PDL/PMD. Our products meet TELCORDIA standards and have been failure-free in the field since 1996. We also produce customer-specific chips, components and modules, for example optical waveguide structures for wavelength ranges from 600 nm to 1700 nm for singlemode components and 450 nm to 2000 nm for multimode components with various waveguide properties and functions including optical chips and fiber arrays.
Light switching for optical systems
Fiber optical switches, based on a patented micromechanical/micro-optical design. This guarantees excellent properties, considerable flexibility and maximum long-term stability for many applications. They are available for wide wavelength ranges from the ultraviolet to the infrared and for a wide variety of fiber types. The switches are designed for applications with the highest requirements in the telecommunications area, in measurement and testing and in the biomedical area. Examples of these complex applications include spectroscopy, laser scan microscopy, multi-channel optical performance monitoring, fiber bragg sensors, testing of fiber optical cables and environmental trace analysis.