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11.07.2024 Press release

LEONI LIMEVERSE – Automotive cables for a new era

Innovative and green: Leoni launches LIMEVERSE, a 100 percent circular product line

Roth, 11 July 2024 – A new cable for a new era: With LIMEVERSE, Leoni has achieved a milestone on the road to ever more sustainable mobility. The vehicle cables in the green product line are 100 percent recyclable and radically reduce the CO2 footprint.

The highlight of LIMEVERSE is the special insulation material developed by Leoni's engineers. This increasingly uses bio-based materials based on sustainable and/or renewable raw materials instead of crude oil, verifiable using biocarbon in the ASTM D6866 standard test method. In addition, there are mass-balanced plastics, in whose synthesis in the reactors of the chemical industry the need for petroleum-based raw materials could be additionally reduced by bio-based raw materials.  

The result is a significantly lower CO2 footprint of around 50 percent compared to conventional vehicle and charging cables – depending on the type of cable. From single-core vehicle cables to multi-core sensor cables, coaxial and data transmission cables to charging cables and extruded flat cables: LIMEVERSE covers all applications. In addition to PVC compounds, the product line also includes polypropylene (PP) and TPE-U. This means that temperatures of up to 125 °C are no problem.

Directly reduced CO2 footprint

The stable LIMEVERSE cables fulfill the high electrical, mechanical and thermal quality requirements and specifications of the automotive industry unchanged and without compromise. They can be used by customers as the green nervous system of the car without complex interventions in existing production processes. They thus make a direct contribution to reducing the CO2 footprint of the entire vehicle. 

At Leoni, sustainability and innovation have always been closely linked. As early as the energy crisis of the 1970s, the company developed a vehicle cable with a reduced outer diameter in response to dwindling resources. Under the name FLRY, it became the new standard in the automotive industry.  Leoni has remained true to this approach and today offers a wide range of sustainable applications.

Standing still is not an option. Leoni's engineers are already developing solutions to even further increase the proportion of sustainable materials in the LIMEVERSE universe. For example, through bio-based materials that are made from recycled waste in addition to renewable raw materials. Together with our partners, we are creating sustainable solutions that meet industry specifications and make ecological sense.

LIMEVERSE will be presented to the public for the first time at the Leoni Press TechDay "Driven by Sustainovation" on 10 July 2024 in Roth. At the International Suppliers Fair in Wolfsburg from 22 to 24 October 2024 you will find us in Hall 3, Stand 3218.

LEONI LIMEVERSE cables with bio-based and mass-balanced insulation materials conserve fossil raw materials and reduce the CO2 footprint by up to half. LIMEVERSE covers the entire cable portfolio in our Leoni universe, from single-core automotive cables, data cables, sensor cables or flat cables to EVC charging cables without compromising on thermal and mechanical stability or electrical properties.

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