Compliance & Incident Reporting

An integral part of our DNA

Compliance stands for the adherence to legal and internal regulations and therefore is a key element in securing the company's long-term success. It protects our employees and our company from unnecessary risks. For this reason, we have established a Group-wide, standardized and effective protection system, LEONI Compliance Management System (CMS), which aims to ensure consistent compliance with legal regulations and internal guidelines by all employees and business partners.

LEONI Compliance Management System (CMS)

All business activities of the LEONI Group and its employees must comply with the legal regulations, our LEONI Code of Conduct and our internal guidelines and documents. The Compliance Management System serves to efficiently implement these internal and external regulations and defines minimum requirements for all of our compliance-relevant processes. It is structured according to the principles of “Prevent – Detect – Respond”.

Compliance at LEONI is controlled Group-wide by the Chief Compliance Officer, and in the countries with LEONI sites by Regional Risk & Compliance Officers for the regions Americas, Asia, DACH, EMEA.

All of our preventive compliance activities, regular monitoring, the possibility to securely report suspicious cases and the consistent follow-up of potential misconduct contribute to the effectiveness of the Compliance Management System at LEONI.

Our compliance subjects

At LEONI, compliance is integrated into all relevant processes and business operations. In particular, our specific compliance subjects include the following topics:

Antitrust Law
Corruption Prevention
Fraud and embezzlement
Other Economic Crimes
Data Protection
Information Security
Trade Secrets
Leoni Code of Conduct

Speak Up for Integrity!

Misconduct by individual internal and external persons can cause lasting damage to us as a company as well as to our employees and all other stakeholders. LEONI is therefore obliged to prevent any form of unlawful or even criminal activity within its own sphere of influence. This also includes providing reporting channels so that employees and external parties can easily and confidentially report any indications of possible misconduct.

Being able to make a report is not new at LEONI. An electronic Incident Reporting System “Integrity Platform” is in place besides the classical channels as letters, fax, telephone, e-mail or personal report. This allows uncomplicated, direct and secure reporting. The Integrity Platform is an independent website hosted by EQS Group AG.

Reports of possible misconduct in the following areas can be made via the Integrity Platform:

  • Fraud and Embezzlement
  • Corruption and Bribery
  • Antitrust & Competition Law
  • Money Laundering
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Tax Fraud
  • Other Economic Crimes
  • Data Protection & Information Security
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Working Conditions
  • Environmental Protection
  • Violation of the LEONI Code of Conduct for Business Partners

Every report is followed up. Following a discreet examination of its plausibility, corresponding investigations will be undertaken if warranted and any necessary measures taken. To report a suspicious case, please click on the following link.

Integrity Platform

Dr. Harald Nippel

“LEONI promotes and demands a culture where employees can report concerns, potential violations or inappropriate behavior in good faith without fear of retaliation.”

Dr. Harald Nippel, Member of the Executive Board (CFO)

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