Strategic Purchasing & Global Value Chain Management

Non-production material

Concept of holistic purchasing

Our major focus is not only on the pure unit price or hourly rate. Rather, we live the concept of holistic purchasing in terms of quality, logistics, technology / know-how, sustainability and in connection with commercial aspects. We treat our suppliers as partners and therefore we also expect our partner to actively support us in our efforts to produce more efficiently and sustainably. Our strong focus on the entire supply chain has contributed significantly to our reputation with both our customers and our suppliers.

Purchasing volume

The purchasing volume of non-production materials in the corporate sector Wiring Systems is highly diversified in terms of goods and services. We therefore pursue the approach of sensibly bundling suppliers at global, regional or even local level.

Examples of non-production material

We are constantly looking for partners in the following areas:

  • production equipment 
    (e.g. applicators & presses, assembly lines, cutting & crimping & sealing & stripping, screwing stations & injection molding, sealing station, shrinking and welding equipment, etc.)
  • information / telecommunication technology 
    (hardware / software and services)
  • real estate services & products 
    (e.g. project developer, architecture services, construction services, property guarding / cleaning, technical building equipment, office equipment, etc.)
  • services & goods 
    (e.g. R&D / D&D services, quality inspection and rework, personnel transportation, personnel protection equipment, standard tools, office supplies, medical supplies / hygiene, consulting services, etc.)
  • logistic services and products 
    (e.g. transport companies, logistic services for storage facilities, storage equipment, packaging materials, etc.)

Downloads & Links

LEONI logistics application

To optimize the coordination between LEONI, our suppliers and the used transport carriers / logistic service providers, we decided to use a web based platform. This platform is able to connect electronically all suppliers to LEONI and can also be used as a communication tool to the logistic service provider.

You will be able to exchange worldwide logistic data with LEONI and use applications for order management and tracking and tracing with the help of this logistic platform. The LEONI service assists all involved parties of the value chain management with their tasks and expands their possibilities to manage the logistic processes.

LEONI logistics application


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