Code of Conduct LEONI

Inspired by values, led by integrity!

At LEONI, we truly believe that sustainable business success in a global business environment can only be reached, when there is a clear and unwavering commitment – by the company itself and every employee – to act with integrity. The Integrity Commitment described in our Code of Conduct is the common thread that runs through all of our company´s decisions and actions. It builds trust – in the company itself and towards external stakeholders. The embedding of the Integrity Commitment into our Corporate Values makes sure, that integrity is lived as part of our company culture.

Commitment by and for Leoni´s employees!

The LEONI Code of Conduct describes the fundamental principles, based on all applicable internal and external requirements, that everybody at LEONI has to follow. It gives LEONI employees, all over the world, a guidance what to do and what to refrain from in their day-to-day work life. 

It was written with contribution of employees from different parts of the LEONI world and from different departments and areas of the company. 

The Code of Conduct reflects chapters on values and integrity, integrity towards society and environment, integrity in the workplace, integrity and compliance and leading with integrity. It is available in several languages. 

Leoni's Integrity Commitment

"We follow the lead of integrity by working and behaving responsibly. 

To fulfill our Integrity Commitment all employees are obligated to work and behave within the boundaries set by the Code of Conduct.

We do not tolerate any unlawful and / or inappropriate conduct, which contradicts our Code of Conduct. All provision in the Code are binding for all employees of the LEONI group."

Leoni commits to act with integrity!

Values and Integrity

Embedding our understanding of integrity in our Corporate Values and being led by integrity will help us contribute both in an individual and companywide way to put the whole Integrity Commitment into practice.

Integrity towards Society and Environment

At Leoni, we ensure compliance with human rights, decent work and working conditions. We are thinking and acting in an environmentally and sustainable conscious manner.

We ensure to protect our employees against discrimination and harassment and commit to equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion.

Integrity in the Workplace

At Leoni, occupational safety, health and the environment at our workplace are part of our overall sustainability strategy. We protect our company assets and company resources and ensure compliance with the applicable standards for Information Security and Data Protection at all Leoni locations worldwide. 

Integrity and Compliance

We as Leoni commit compliance with the applicable laws and standards of Antitrust Law, Corruption Prevention, Anti-Money Laundering, Conflicts of Interest, Economic Sanctions and Export Controls  and respect all regulations on Taxes, Customs and Financial Compliance.

We ensure a proper handling of product and quality requirements as well as gifts and benefits or donations and sponsorships.

Leading with Integrity

We expect all of your employees to fully observe the principles set forth in the Code of Conduct.

Leoni promotes a culture where employees can report concerns, potential violations or inappropraite behavior in good faith without fear of retaliation. Possible violation can be reported via the standard reporting channels or the Integrity Platform (Whistleblowing System). Each case will be examined carefully and individually and will be treated fairly!

"We follow the lead of integrity by working and behaving responsibly."

Dr Ursula Biernert, Member of the Executive Board (CHRO) and Labour Director

Corporate Risk, Compliance & Sustainability

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