Culture and values

Showing care, being geared to results, respect, responsibility, and cooperation – our values shape LEONI’s identity

They are the core of our culture. They support and guide us in our everyday actions and when making important decisions. Our leadership culture, the way we interact with customers and our contribution to society are all permeated by these values. They form the firm foundation of a unified presence and unified actions as a company.

Corporate culture

  • Our culture embodies LEONI's collective values, beliefs, and principles, visible through actions, standards, and corporate practices. It's the personality of LEONI
  • We are here to create valuable connections: For our customers, for our sustainable future - and for you! At LEONI, you can not only help shape the future of mobility, make a real contribution and grow on big issues: you can also look forward to a culture based on respect and care, where you can make the impossible possible together with your colleagues. We call that: Empowering Connections
  • So what does it mean exactly? 

    #Empowering defines our approach: It's about empowering our global customers and our nearly 100,000 colleagues worldwide—it's at the heart of our values

    #Connections refers to our innovative products—our cables and wiring solutions provide vital connectivity to the automotive industry—as well as our internal collaboration, fostering connections between individuals, teams, and nations.

Corporate values

  • LEONI values are the underlying philosophies that guide our decision-making and a sense of what’s important and what’s right for our employees
  • Our values influence the way our people interact
  • Our values influence the way we deal with certain challenges
  • Our values describe indispensable characteristics for achieving a culture of success together
  • Our values help us achieve the defined goals of the transformation

Our values


means to recognize the other’s needs and consider them in our actions.

Result orientation
Result orientation

means to know the goals and expected results and to achieve them.


means to treat each other as equals and with openness while respecting diversity.


means to accept responsibility, to act in a reliable manner and to take charge of our own actions.


means to demonstrate commitment to a shared cause, with a foundation of trust and diversity of opinion.

Our desired values mindset

LEONI values & entrepreneurship

LEONI values promote entrepreneurship, encouraging behaviors such as:

  • Acting as if LEONI was our own company!
  • Going for our respective targets – with speed, at the highest quality and with passion
  • Fostering responsibility and ownership
  • Taking decisions quickly in our areas of responsibility and executing subsequent actions without fear
  • Developing a beneficial failure culture
  • Not waiting for others to act first. Just do it!
  • Practicing consistent performance management
  • Considering spending budgets and other resources wisely
  • Simplifying processes, reducing bureaucracy and overcoming hurdles
  • Always checking the value-add of our activities

Values in action

Bringing our values to life starts with individuals. By understanding and empowering our values in everyday life, we pave the way for their integration into team and group dynamics. Our leaders are crucial in setting the tone for our teams, as people follow people, not concepts.

LEONI's recent global employee surveys indicate a high awareness of our corporate values, providing a strong foundation for our initiatives. Our ongoing value campaign aims to deepen this awareness and integrate the values more deeply into the company culture. Through dedicated periods focusing on each value, we provide guidance on understanding and implementing them in daily interactions. 

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