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Investing in the future through employee development for sustainable success

Employee development is crucial for organizational success, boosting skills, productivity, engagement, retention, and innovation. It strengthens LEONI's long-term viability and competitiveness by ensuring every role is filled by motivated individuals with the necessary skills. This concerted effort primes our workforce for future challenges, enhancing our capacity for sustained growth and excellence.

At LEONI we offer the following learning and development opportunities:

Development Dialogues

The Employee Development Dialogue (EDD) is a structured eye-level dialogue between direct managers and employees on work results (quantity & quality) & behavior (basic competencies), overall performance & potential, continuous learning & professionalization on the current job, further development aspirations & opportunities, identified Learning & Development activities.

Development paths
Development paths

Development / career paths offer an attractive portfolio of vertical, lateral and cross-functional development opportunities and activities and aligning it with organizational skill and talent priorities.

L & D offerings
Learning & development offerings

Individual development journeys are supported with different  on-, near-, and off-the-job learning & development offerings.

Talent programs
Talent programs

Dedicated programs and activities for identified potential & high potential candidates support individual development and career enhancement.

Succession planning
Succession planning

Critical positions within our organization are identified, future staffing needs detected, and action plans developed for identified individuals to assume those positions.

Diagnostics /support
Diagnostics & support

Development diagnostic offerings and hands-on support is provided to identify possible development needs and explain suitable learning & development opportunities.

70-20-10 Philosophy

LEONI believes in the importance of lifelong learning for the growth and development of all staff and for the organization itself. While priority in trainings will be given to meeting the learning and qualification needs of the individuals as they relate to LEONI customers and their requirements, automotive industry standards and business aims, this will also include encouragement and support for the personal and professional growth of each member of staff.

In order to achieve the agreed outcome, each learning and qualification activity may require different approaches and resources – according to our 70-20-10 learning philosophy (applying a mix of on-, near- and off- the-job learning activities).

All LEONI employees are advised to:

  • Follow & chase progressive growth & development, excelling in the current role & preparing for new experiences
  • Possess their development plans, seek & pursue learning & development experiences 
    & build productive relationships with peers & mentors
  • Record & share the skills, experiences & aspirations to position themselves for potential opportunities

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