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We have been combining tradition with progress since the 16th century - and we are looking for you to write the next chapter in this success story. Here with us your personality is allowed to shine through, and you can call upon your best performance every day. What counts are the results which you achieve in respectful dealings with your colleagues. We offer freedoms you can rely on - and principles which make us better every day. On top of which we offer opportunities for joining us which are guided entirely by your own personal situation. Welcome to LEONI!





LEONI as employer

LEONI – around 95,000 employees in 27 countries with consolidated sales of around € 5.1 billion.
We are a global provider of products, solutions and services for energy and data management in the automotive industry.




As a global provider of products, solutions and services for energy and data management in the automotive industry we generate consolidated sales of around € 5.1 billion with some 95,000 employees in 27 countries. As an innovation partner and solutions provider, we support our customers with our notable development and systems expertise. Our value chain encompasses wires, optical fibers, standardized cables, and special cables through to custom-developed wiring systems and related components as well as services.



Culture and values

Showing care, being geared to results, respect, responsibility, and cooperation – our values shape LEONI’s identity.

They are the core of our culture. They support and guide us in our everyday actions and when making important decisions. Our leadership culture, the way we interact with customers and our contribution to society are all permeated by these values. They form the firm foundation of a unified presence and unified actions as a company.


Showing care

means to recognize the other’s needs and consider them in our actions.


Being geared to results

means to know the goals and expected results and to achieve them.



means to treat each other as equals and with openness while respecting diversity.



means to accept responsibility, to act in a reliable manner and to take charge of our own actions.



means to demonstrate commitment to a shared cause, with a foundation of trust and diversity of opinion.


Behind the scenes

Our sites are home to not only 95,000 people from 27 nations and many cultures with a broad range of abilities and qualifications but also to an array of different career and advancement opportunities.

Make up your own mind and experience the diversity at LEONI! Our employees will offer you a glimpse behind the scenes. They talk about their career, their day at work, what makes their work special and what drives them personally.


  • “The cable harness, a LEONI product, is needed in all cars; whether they have ICE, hybrid or fully electric power. And with our products we are able to contribute to sustainable and clean mobility - I wanted to be part of that. As early as the selection process I also felt that every single person matters and that everyone is able to make a difference here. Personal advancement is guaranteed!”

    Andrea, Head of Sales Support

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  • “My path to LEONI led via a post as working student in IT Compliance. This allowed me to gain initial work experience at LEONI while still a student. I have remained loyal to LEONI to this day because the company offered me not just an excellent start to my career, but also because I still feel very much at home here.”

    Johannes, expert in IT Governance: Audit, Risk, Compliance and Quality Management

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  • “I feel enthusiastic about working with my colleagues to achieve a shared goal and, at the same time, about understanding and working within a business management context. I also find the varied spheres of activity fascinating. I am learning new things all the time and I am given a large number of tasks for which I can take responsibility.”

    Helena, training to be an industrial business manager

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  • “I started my training as industrial business manager at LEONI in 2019. I was able to work in a variety of departments, such as Sales, Controlling, Procurement, Prototype Construction, Quality Management and Marketing. Because I changed departments regularly it was never boring, and I was able to build up a good network within the company.”

    Ahmed, Specialist in HR Learning and Organizational Development

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  • “My bachelor’s degree was in Techno-Mathematics. After I graduated, I was interested in looking at the automotive industry as part of my master's degree. I found a course in Wiring Systems Development at Landshut Technical College relatively quickly. I was immediately fascinated by the complexity and relevance of this product, and so I applied to LEONI to become a working student before switching to a work-study master’s program.”

    Cynthia, work-study master’s student in Wiring Systems Development

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