Competence with tradition

The history of our company is marked by tradition and rapid progress. The company's foundation stone was laid in the Middle Ages. At the close of the 1980s a speedy development started which turned a medium-sized German company into a multi national group within less than a decade. The most important stops on our way to become a global player can be viewed here.

The LEONI story from the very beginning


Anthoni Fournier in Nuremberg founded the first workshop for the manufacture of Lyonese Wares.


Fournier's sons established other workshops for the manufacture of Lyonese Wares south of Nuremberg, including one in Roth

This gave rise to several other companies

  • Johann Balthasar Stieber & Sohn, Nuremberg
  • Johann Philipp Stieber, Roth and
  • Vereinigte Leonische Fabriken, Nuremberg


On April 23, the three companies Johann Balthasar Stieber & Sohn/Nuremberg, Johann Philipp Stieber/Roth, and Vereinigte Leonische Fabriken/Nuremberg merged to form Leonische Werke Roth-Nürnberg AG, with plants in Roth and Nuremberg-Muehlhof


Production of enamelled wire


Change of company name to Leonische Drahtwerke AG, Nuremberg. Production of rubber sheathed cables


Production of PVC insulated cables


Production of power cords (cord sets)


Start of cable assembly manufacturing


Kitzingen plant is built (cable harness production)


Bad Koetzting plant is built (enamelled wire production)


Foundation of the subsidiary Câblerie de Sousse, Tunisia (cable harness production)


LEONI sales office set up in France


Takeover of the former Grundig plant in Neuburg/Donau, Germany (cable assembly)


LEONI sales office set up in UK


Foundation of the subsidiaries Câblerie du Centre Tunisia (cable assemblies) and L. D. Intercon, Ireland (cable assemblies – later LEONI Ireland)


Lewron Kabeltechnik Berlin GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin, Germany, are founded (cable production and assembly)


LEONI commence acquisition strategy with takeover of Westfälische Kupfer- und Messingwerke AG, Luedenscheid, Germany (production of wires and strands) and Kabelfabrik Otto Zimmermann (OZET), Lilienthal, Germany (production of cables and cable harnesses)


Foundation of LEONI subsidiary in Chicopee, USA (wires and stranded conductors, sales)


Takeover of aurnhammer+benedict GmbH & Co. KG, Weissenburg, Germany (wires and stranded conductors production) and set up of LEONI wiring harness production in Portugal


Establishment of LEONI Hungaria, Eger, Hungary
(wiring harness production) and LEONI Slovakia, Nova Dubnica (cable assemblies)


Foundation of LEONI Autokabel Slovakia, Trencin (wiring harness production), of LEWRON Kabeltechnik Polska, Torzym, Poland (cable assemblies), and a joint venture of LEONI-EPAN, Singapore with production facilities in China (Xiamen and Changzhou)


LEONI Cable Assemblies, Logansport (today in Tucson), USA, are established (cable assemblies)


Foundation of LEONI Autokabel Polska, Ostrzeszow, Poland (wiring harnesses), and takeover of the Italian company Felisi S.p.A., Milan


Takeover of Temco Ltd. Stanford, England (wires and stranded conductors) Takeover of EPAN shares and change of name from EPAN-LEONI to Leonische of Asia, Singapore


Takeover of wiring harness business activities of Cummins Engine Company Inc., Columbus, USA and integrating it into LEONI Wiring Systems Inc., Tucson (formerly LEONI Cable Assemblies Inc.) Foundation of Leoni Cable Mexico, Hermosillo Foundation of LKH, Leonische Kabelwerke Kft. Hatvan, Hungary (cable production)


Integration of the company OZET Lilienthal, Germany (cable harnesses) into Leonische Drahtwerke AG; merging of the subsidiaries CDC and CDS Tunisia to Leonische Tunisie (cable harnesses); takeover of the companies CWA, Belgium, now LEONI Cable Assemblies (Belgium) N.V. (cord sets) and elocab, Georgensgmünd, Germany (special cables); foundation of LEONI Wiring Systems (East London) in South Africa (cable harnesses) and LEONI Cable Inc., Mexico (cable)


Acquistion of what is now LEONI Special Cables GmbH, Friesoythe, Germany (special cables), LEONI Automotive Leads GmbH & Co. KG (cable assemblies), and LEONI Kablo ve Teknolojileri, Gemlik/Bursa, Turkey (cable). Establishment of a holding structure: Leonische Drahtwerke AG change the company’s name to LEONI AG and solely function as a holding company.  Three companies run the strategic business: LEONI Draht GmbH & Co. KG, LEONI Kabel GmbH & Co. KG, LEONI Bordnetz-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG


Takeover of the American TRW group’s business activities; new trading name LEONI Wiring Systems UK, Newcastle-under-Lyme, England.

Establishment of LEONI Cable Slovakia spol. s.r.o, Stará Turá (Slovakia); production programme: cable assemblies and car kits for mobile phones. Set-up of LEONI Draht Polska Sp. z o. o., Kobierzyce (Production programme: wires and strands for cable production) and LEONI Kabel Polska Sp. z o. o., Kobierzyce (automotive wires), both in Poland.

The LEONI Kabel GmbH & Co. KG plant in Roth together with the cable plants in Friesoythe and Brake are certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental standard Official opening of the new cable plant LEONI Cable S.A. de C.V. in Cuauthémoc, Mexico.

LEONI Kabel GmbH & Co. KG take on 51 % share of Protec Kabel Produktion GmbH, Schmalkalden, Germany; takeover of Protec Kabel GmbH, Bretzfeld, Germany. Protec is a manufacturer of ready-to-install tailor-made cables and cable systems e.g. for industrial robots.


LEONI Bordnetz-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG awarded as Best Supplier of the Year by Porsche AG Joint venture of LEONI Bordnetz-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG and Hella KG Hueck & Co to form Intedis GmbH, Wuerzburg, Germany, for the development of intelligent wiring systems LEONI subsidiary Elocab Sonderkabel, Georgensgmuend, Germany, take over French enterprise Composants Industriels Automobiles (CIA), producer of cable systems for robotics


Ernst Thoma, for 25 years Chairman of the LEONI AG Management Board, appointed to Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Dr. Klaus Probst succeeds as new Chairman of the Management Board LEONI AG, previously listed on the SDAX, admitted to the MDAX stock index LEONI Kabel GmbH & Co. KG acquire a majority holding in FO-Systems GmbH, Neuhaus-Schierschnitz, Germany, specialist in the field of fiber optic cables.


Official opening of two new LEONI plants in China: LEONI Special Cables (Changzhou) Co. Ltd., producing special cables, and LEONI Wire (Changzhou) Co. Ltd., producing wire and stranded conductors. LEONI one of the first companies in the world to issue a “Declaration on Social Rights and Industrial Relations”, short “Social Charter”. In the Ukrainian city of Stryi the so far biggest LEONI plant ever built will be inaugurated as well as the second Romanian wiring systems site in Bistrita which has been erected in record time. Both plants produce cable harnesses for the automotive industry.


In two separate production areas covering a total area of 25,000 m2, series production of cable harnesses starts at the new facility in Bistrita, Romania LEONI acquire the Ettlingen, Germany based company Klink+Oechsle, special cable assembly The activities of LEONI Group in the field of fiber optics are consolidated in LEONI Fiber Optics GmbH, Germany Series production of customised cable harnesses for BMW’s new 3 Series starts at the new facility in Ilava, Slovakia with about 18,000 m2 of space.


LEONI acquire the fiber technology arm of Prinz Optics GmbH, based in Stromberg, Germany, and thereby expand their range of special fiber optic products and optical fibers made of glass, polymer and quartz

LEONI acquire neumatic Elektronik + Kabeltechnik of Ulm, Germany, a business specialising in tailor-made cable harnesses and dedicated electronic solutions

LEONI establish the “advintec” joint venture company together with Cimlec Industrie S.A. of Les Mureaux, France, in which the partners have an equal share of 50 percent (single components, robot systems ready for operation)

LEONI acquire all the shares in the Stolberg-based data and special cable manufacturer KERPEN and thereby become Germany’s leading provider of cables and cabling systems for data transmission.

LEONI & STUDER Transportation Systems, a joint venture with the Swiss cable manufacturer Studer, commence operations (rolling stock).


LEONI awarded for the 3rd time in a row as one of the top employers in Germany by the Corporate Research Foundation. Vital categories are good working conditions, social benefits and career development opportunities for employees LEONI earn fourth “Supplier of the year” award from General Motors as worldwide best wiring systems partner.

LEONI acquire all the shares in Swiss-based Studer Draht- und Kabelwerk AG and expand their market position for high-end cable systems for industry and infrastructure applications LEONI set up new facility In North-Rhine Westphalia with LEONI High Temp Solutions for the production of high temperature cables.

Dr. Klaus Probst named “Strategist of the year”. Financial Times Deutschland presents the award every year to chairmen with special foresight and success. The decision was based on the analysis of company data such as value enhancement and employment creation.

LEONI acquire the Austrian systems company NBG Fiber-Optics to strengthen the optical glass fiber business LEONI acquire majority stake of j-fiber GmbH, based in Jena, Germany.


The newly-introduced “Code of Ethics” is a code of behaviour that commits everyone who works at LEONI to responsible and integrated action. It defines globally uniform values and requirements. The code is based on statutory regulations and stipulates among other things that information must be handled sensitively as well as prohibiting corruption and discrimination.

LEONI is honoured for the fourth time by the Corporate Research Foundation as Best Employer of the Year and for the fifth time by General Motors as Supplier of the Year.  

The acquisition of the Italian silicone cable manufacturer Silitherm helps LEONI to realize its strategic aim of extending its position in niche markets with high-quality technology. The silicone-insulated cables produced by Silitherm are particularly insensitive to extreme temperatures. The acquisition of Silitherm makes LEONI the market leader for high-temperature cables for vehicles and industrial applications in Europe.  

LEONI makes progress in the growing Chinese market in 2007 with the acquisition of Furas, a Spanish manufacturer of cables for electrical appliances specializing in high-quality rubber-insulated and textile-braided cord sets. With this company and its expertise, LEONI will enjoy better access to the European premium market for domestic appliances as well.  

With its controlling interest in FiberTech, the Wire & Cable Solutions division is systematically tapping a further market niche with above-average profit potential. FiberTech specializes in the production of high-quality glass fibers and complete fiber optic systems for laser beam transmission, a technology used, for example, in medical technology.


LEONI acquires the wiring harness division of the French automotive supplier Valeo at the start of the year, thereby realizing the most important acquisition in the company’s history. Together with the renamed LEONI Wiring Systems France group, LEONI becomes the European market leader and fourth-biggest supplier of wiring systems for the automotive industry in the world.

With the cabling of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the company receives a major contract for energy supply and safety cables for the longest rail tunnel in the world. This proves LEONI’s expertise for specialized infrastructure projects.

LEONI taps the vehicle market in Korea with its share in the wiring manufacturer Daekyeung. We are initially acquiring 50 percent of the Korean partner’s interest, thereby improving our starting position in the fifth most important automotive market in the world.

With a major contract from Airbus Industries, LEONI gains an important customer who represents our way into the aerospace market. Our company is commissioned to supply cable harnesses for various assemblies in the Airbus A318 to A340 families.

The Management Board uses the low share price level in Fall 2008 to start a share buy-back program under which up to 10 percent of the company’s own stocks will be purchased. They are to be used as acquisition currency. Chief Financial Officer Dieter Bellé is chosen as “CFO of the Year” by the magazine “Finance” for innovation, strategy and leadership work.

LEONI makes a promising entry into the Russian vehicle market with the acquisition of the international wiring systems division of the automotive supplier Itelma and the supply of 40 percent of the cable requirement to utility vehicle producer KAMAZ.


LEONI launches an extensive cost reduction programme because of the global economic and financial crisis. Material and personnel expenses are trimmed throughout the Group, capital investment projects are cut back and acquisition plans are shelved. The Company sheds 9,000 jobs within the space of a few months.

LEONI establishes a new distribution company in the Netherlands for the wire and cable business. At the same time, the French automotive group PSA awards LEONI its EcoTech prize for commitment in terms of cost efficiency. Furthermore, LEONI receives the Porsche Supplier Award for the fifth time, with which the sports carmaker commends the quality, flexibility, efficiency and customer service of its best suppliers.

LEONI Wiring Systems wins a first contract to supply wiring systems for the Nissan X-Trail from Japan and is rated among the best suppliers to the Russian commercial vehicle manufacturer Kamaz.

The Supervisory Board before term extends the contracts of Management Board members Dr Klaus Probst and Mr Dieter Bellé by a further five years. Previously, Mr Uwe H. Lamann’s contract was already extended to the end of 2012.

At a price of € 14.50 per share, LEONI sells 2.9 million treasury shares that the Company purchased at an average price of € 9.79 under a buy-back programme in 2008. LEONI thereby strengthened its equity base and reduced its net debt.


LEONI expanded due to the good forecasts for the Asian market. We started at the beginning of the year by opening a base in Nagoya, thereby pooling the activity of our Wire & Cable Solutions Division in Japan. In the spring we added a development office in Pune, India for our wiring systems operations. From there LEONI stepped up its collaboration with the local motor vehicle industry as well as foreign companies, which are active on that market.

With the aim of broadening its position on the international commercial vehicle market further, LEONI took over the production plant of an AEES Power Systems Group factory in Beiuş, north-western Romania and thereby gained additional business. LEONI supplies Renault with the best cable harnesses and, for what was the second time in succession, Renault commended our plant in Pitesti, Romania for its technical skills as best cable harness supplier.

Following extensive preparatory work, LEONI started in June by delivering the first 350 kilometres of power cable for the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland. LEONI will thereby be even better able to position itself as a system provider for manufacturers of vehicles with environmentally friendly technology. With its acquisition of the US-based optical fiber technology specialist RoMack Inc., LEONI further strengthened its position in the fiber optics growth market on the American continent.

LEONI commissioned the world’s first x-ray line for sterilisation at its facility in Däniken, Switzerland. It is used to improve the properties of various materials. Siemens Mobility commissioned LEONI to supply all the cabling for its ICE (Inter-city Express) successor Velaro D, which started operating on Deutsche Bahn’s rail network in 2011. AT Kearney and the trade periodical Produktion commended LEONI’s production facility in Bistrita, Romania as plant of the year. At the end of the year LEONI strengthened its collaboration with the network specialist euromicron in the fiber-to-the-home growth market and sold two subsidiaries, one in Austria and one in the Netherlands, to euromicron holding GmbH.


LEONI responded promptly and flexibly to the unrest in North Africa. There were hardly any production stoppages at the plants in Tunisia and Egypt. Our ability to supply customers during the ‘revolution’ in several countries remained fully intact.

The mia microbus, to be launched on the German and French markets, is the first electric vehicle to be fitted as standard in both the low voltage and high voltage domains with a complete wiring system from LEONI's Business Unit Electromobility. In July LEONI AG placed nearly 3 million new shares among institutional investors and thereby obtained fresh liquidity amounting to about € 112 million, significantly improving its equity base and lowering net debt.

LEONI joined the UN Global Compact. The Company thus committed itself to more sustainability and will report annually on corresponding progress. We also announced that we would bring forward its takeover in full of the Korean wiring system manufacturer Daekyeung to 1 January 2012. This is intended to step up development of the South Korean market. In addition, LEONI Wiring Systems opened another production facility in China. Initially, about 1,600 employees in Jining will, on a space of more than 25,000 square metres, produce wiring systems for the Chinese car market. In the medium term the workforce is to be nearly doubled.


In March, LEONI assumed the remaining 50 percent share of the South Korean joint venture partner and wiring system specialist Daekyeung. The new company, LEONI Wiring Systems Korea, will strengthen our future position in Asia.

LEONI opened a sales office in Dubai with an initial focus on high-quality cabling systems for infrastructure projects. A cable production facility was also commissioned in the Pune District to utilise the opportunities offered by the Indian market. The facility will initially manufacture automotive cables, with production later being extended to cables for the railway and solar industries.

LEONI presented its new product and service portfolio for solar thermal plants for the first time at the Hannover Messe 2012. The provision of cables and associated engineering services for solar power plants form a comprehensive portfolio that extends our competence as a system supplier in the market for renewable energies.

PSA Peugeot Citroën named LEONI a Core Supplier in acknowledgement of nearly 40 years of close cooperation and the support provided for the automotive Group’s globalisation strategy. LEONI also worked with Continental to develop a high voltage power distributor for electric vehicles. Having made this product ready for series production, the two companies were awarded the CNA innovation prize.

LEONI formed the new Business Unit Connectivity within the Wiring Systems Division. The BU is specifically designed to improve LEONI’s competence in connectors and plug connection systems. The 2012 AGM decided to pay out a dividend of EUR 1.50 per share for the previous business year, more than double the previous distribution.

Martin Hopf (left), the decisive development engineer of the HV power distributor, Jürgen Linhard (middle), Managing Director of Leoni Bordnetz-Systeme GmbH, and Dr. Michael Frommberger (right), Head of the Business Unit Electromobility, received the award on behalf of Leoni.


LEONI consolidated its position in the key growth market South Korea and received a new order from Ssangyong Motor Company, one of the leading Korean off-road limousine manufacturers. The order covers cable systems for a new off-road vehicle that is to be launched on the market in 2015.

In April, not one but two awards confirmed the strong position enjoyed by LEONI’s Wiring Systems Division in the growth market China. First, the Benz Beijing Automotive Company (BBAC) selected LEONI as one of their most important suppliers and second, the trade publisher “Vogel Industry Media China” commended LEONI as one of the TOP 50 automobile suppliers in China.

The opening of a new plant near Pune to supply standard cables for the rapidly growing Indian automotive industry further increased the Wire & Cable Solutions Division’s international outlook. Future plans envisage the manufacture of special cables for the automotive industry and cables for the petrochemical industry.

The Wiring Systems Division opened a fourth wiring system plant in China. The plant in Langfang will supply wiring systems for vehicles manufactured by Beijing Benz Automotive Company, a joint venture between Daimler AG, Germany, and its Chinese partner BAIC.

LEONI introduced cutting-edge production technology at its Moroccan facility in Berrechid, but had to close the plant in Bouznika. The restructuring expenses associated with the plant closure had a considerable negative impact on the Group’s results for 2013.

LEONI’s goal of manufacturing and supplying products to the same high level around the world was achieved in November 2013. LEONI’s position in the American passenger vehicle market was consolidated as pre-production of wiring systems for the new Mercedes C-class began. This vehicle will be equipped in Mexico and China.

LEONI received a series of new orders to supply two off-road vehicles for Polaris, a major American snowmobile and off-road vehicle manufacturer. Customers in this segment include the motorbike manufacturer Harley-Davidson.


In February LEONI obtained a major order from the petrochemical industry: the Indian producer Reliance Industries commissioned LEONI to provide the wiring for the world’s largest oil and gas refinery. The order comprises the instrumentation and field bus cables for the plant’s measurement and control equipment.

Siemens Healthcare commended the outstanding performance of LEONI’s Business Unit Healthcare by bestowing us its Supplier of the Year award for what was the second time already. PSA Peugeot Citroen also praised LEONI’s very high standard of quality and presented our wiring systems facility in Itú, Brazil with its Supplier Award in the quality category.

An open-plan work environment, plenty of daylight and subdued acoustics – more than 200 staff of the Wiring Systems Division’s headquarters in Kitzingen moved into new, state-of-the-art offices built in former workshops. This completed the first phase of the expansion and rebuilding project.

In July, LEONI launched WCS ON Excellence, its performance programme with which the Wire & Cable Solutions Division will enhance its efficiency for profitable growth. It covers a large number of measures in the areas of procurement, technology, production and sales.

The Swedish truck manufacturer Scania ordered cable harnesses from LEONI for several engine models that will be supplied across Europe and in Brazil. With Scania as a new purchaser, LEONI now has all major European truck manufacturers among its commercial vehicle customer base.

In the Investors’ Darling 2014 competition run by Manager magazine, LEONI took first place among the mid-cap companies of the MDAX index. Annual and interim reports as well as websites and presentations for investors were drawn upon as criteria for the best capital market communication in Germany.


In the first quarter of 2015, Leoni invested among others in two new automotive cable plants. One facility has been set up in Celaya, Mexico.

In January, LEONI received the first cable system order from Hyundai Motor Company: the South Korean automotive manufacturer contracted the company to supply cable systems for a mid-range vehicle produced in eastern Europe. The order volume is more than €10 million for a period of six years.

On 7 May 2015, Dieter Bellé became the President & CEO of LEONI AG. As CFO and Labour Director, the 60 year-old has been a board member since 2000. Now he assumes the role of chairman in addition to his previous duties.

In June LEONI will be opening an additional cable production facility in Celaya, the third-largest city in the State of Guanajuato. It is the fifth expansion investment in Mexico in five successive years.

LEONI is opening its fifth plant in China for vehicle wiring systems. Since January 2016, production and development has been under way in Tieling, in the north of the country, for the supply of products to the new customer BMW Brilliance Automotive. In total, LEONI has invested about €35 million in production facilities and the 25.000 m2 building.

LEONI strengthens its market position in China with a joint venture: Beijing Hainachuan Automotive purchases 50 per cent of the share of the vehicle wiring system factory in Langfang, where cable systems were previously manufactured for the Chinese subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz. They give LEONI the opportunity to acquire additional orders and customers from the region.

In November the first vehicle wiring system factory will open in Paraguay. The new facility in San Lorenzo near the capital city Asuncion will manufacture cable systems for customers from the automotive and commercial vehicle industry with production locations in Argentina and Brazil.

With the new automotive cable facility in Panjin, in the Chinese province Liaoning, LEONI is expanding its capacity and strengthening its market position in the region. The plant is an ideal location for a response to customer requirements. Single-core conductors for automotive applications are produced in the 8,000 m2 production facility.


In February a team of international researchers succeeded in recording the collision of two black holes based on their gravitational waves and therefore metrologically proving Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity – assembled LEONI fiber optic cables are fitted in the gravitational wave detectors used for measuring.

The advintec 6D laser measurement calibration system was praised as one of the most innovative exhibits at the Automatica trade fair in June: It measures gripper, devices and part locations in robot-supported applications directly in the production process and improves machine perception, which is beneficial in car, machinery and plant manufacturing.

Within the scope of reorganising the Wiring Systems Division is becoming leaner and more efficient: hierarchy levels were reduced; central Functions were pooled and business units have taken on customer relationship management as well as order coordination with the plants thus LEONI will improve the profitability on a sustained basis from 2017.

Two important, large-scale orders from the PSA Group underpinned our position as a principal supplier to this major French carmaker. The orders, which are worth about € 500 million over the whole project term, comprise wiring systems for the successor models of the DS brand and the next generation of the Peugeot 208 and 2008 models.

The objective of the Wire & Cable Solutions Division is to develop from being a wire and cable manufacturer to becoming a solutions provider and also be able to take even better advantage in the future of the opportunities presented by digitization. The portfolio is therefore to be extended with intelligent cables, systems and customised services. With the sale of its subsidiary LEONI Studer Hard, the clearing of business not considered to be core activity began.

In September LEONI acquired a 51 percent stake in the Chinese wiring systems manufacturer Wuhan Hengtong Automotive. This will strengthen our position in the Asian market and broaden the basis for future growth in China. Wuhan Hengtong will initially supply the carmaker DPCA, a joint venture between the PSA Group and Dongfeng, China’s secondlargest motor vehicle manufacturer. Long-term, ist customer base is also to comprise other local vehicle producers.

New construction in Ukraine: In October the Wiring Systems Division laid the foundations for a new plant in Kolomyia, western Ukraine. This second facility in the country is set up for approximately 5,000 employees and is to produce wiring systems for the European automotive industry from 2017.

The ‘advintec 6D laser measurement’ calibration system measures part location in-line and thereby extends the range of options for machine perception.


Construction of the Factory of the Future is progressing: Along with the additional capacity, LEONI is creating the basis here for trailblazing production and expansion of its solutions business. Relocation will be completed by the end of 2020.

LEONI demonstrated its diversity and showed that tradition and progress go together during its anniversary year. Festivities, videos, promotional and PR activity as well as interactive schemes for staff brought the Company's history to life: from the wire works established in 2017 through to becoming a specialist for intelligent energy and data solutions.

In February, LEONI acquired two-thirds of Zurich-based Adaptricity AG, which specialises in software-supported consulting services. With this Swiss start-up business, the Wire & Cable Solutions Division (WCS) gained additional know-how in the areas of software, simulation and cloud-based data analysis – a key building block for the objective of developing into being an innovative solutions provider.

Construction of the Factory of the Future, which will combine state-of-the-art cable production with a high-tech laboratory and development centre for innovative products and solutions, started in Roth, Germany. Among other products, the facility will make data cables for autonomous driving, high-voltage and charging cables for electric vehicles as well as fiber-optic cables for telecommunication and infrastructure applications.

LEONI opened its second plant for cable harnesses and wiring systems, which are supplied mainly to carmakers based in Europe, at its new location in Kolomyia, western Ukraine. With its third wiring systems facility in Mérida, Mexico, which will make an important contribution to an environmentally friendly production site with a solar power plant and a water recovery system, the Company also expanded its capacity in the Americas.

LEONI commissioned a new electron-beam acceleration line in Pune, India, enabling the facility to make especially robust, temperature resistant and dimensionally stable high-performance cables. The demand for these special cables comes mainly from customers in the solar and railway industries in India. This expansion of our plant in Pune is an important step towards further internationalisation of our industrial business.


With the Supervisory Board’s understanding, Dieter Bellé resigned his mandate as member and chairman of the Executive Board effective 31 January 2018 and left the Board at that time.

LEONI presented its LEONiQ key technology – an intelligent cable technology that can record and evaluate such parameters as temperature and mechanical stress along any given cable system and can make energy and data flows more efficient, secure and available. As part of its digitalization strategy LEONI agreed collaboration with the PARC research and development company, which provides trail-blazing technologies in the areas of condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, system analysis, artificial intelligence as well as embedded sensor technology.

In the city of Niṧ, LEONI officially opened its third wiring systems plant in Serbia. On a production space of approx. 20,000 m², the plant will make cable harnesses for one of the global manufacturers of premium vehicles. LEONI is investing about € 22 million in the production facility, which will create about 2,200 jobs by the end of 2019.

Aldo Kamper, an internationally experienced executive, took over as chairman of LEONI’s Executive Board. The Dutchman, who was previously CEO of Osram Opto Semiconductors, is commercially and technologically minded in equal measure.

LEONI agreed to collaborate with Diehl, the Nuremberg-based technology group, in the growth market of electromobility. This strategic partnership is focused on battery systems for electric and hybrid vehicles. By pooling their expertise both companies will in future be able to offer system solutions for high-voltage battery systems in e-vehicles.

With VALUE 21, LEONI initiated a comprehensive and long-lasting strategy and performance enhancement programme. The objective is to sharpen the future corporate strategy, direct the Company towards healthy growth and improve both earnings quality and liquidity.

LEONiQ key technology – an intelligent cable technology