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Dear LEONI suppliers,

In the next few years, LEONI will implement SAP S/4HANA worldwide.

Part of this project is the conversion to the SAP Ariba network. SAP Ariba is the world‘s largest B2B trading network. Not only our, but also your company will benefit sustainably from a significantly simplified, automated and digitized supply chain.
Therefore, LEONI is currently implementing a new standardized solution SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (SLP) for Supplier Relationship and Performance Management. This will allow us to interact with you in a more digital manner through the Ariba® Network.
To make you acquainted with the new process, we have prepared for you Supplier guidelines and training materials that can be found in the section below.

Please familiarize yourself with them carefully. In case of any questions, please contact us directly under the email address

In the FAQ section below, you can find more information like when LEONI change to Ariba will take place.

Thank you for taking a big step into the future with us and thus strengthening our partnership.


Kind regards
LEONI Ariba Onboarding Team


What is SAP Ariba and what are the advantages of trading via the platform?

SAP Ariba is the world‘s largest B2B trading network. The digital marketplace enables companies to manage their business relationships and conduct their transactions with maximum efficiency. According to SAP, approximately 4.4 million companies from 190 countries were Ariba network partners in 2019. They have traded approximately 195 million catalog items, completed 180 million transactions, and achieved a trade volume of $2.9 billion (USD).
Processing transactions via the SAP Ariba network is of great benefit not only to LEONI, but also to our suppliers.

How am I affected as supplier by the Ariba implementation by LEONI?

As supplier you are affected by the implementation of Ariba SLP. All supplier have to register once on the Ariba network.

What are the benefits of beeing a member of the Ariba network?

Processing transactions via the SAP Ariba Network is of great benefit not only to LEONI, but also to our suppliers.
Your advantages at a glance:

  • World's largest B2B online market place
  • Real-time access
  • End-to-end transparanecy
  • Further business opportunities
  • Reduced process costs
Do I have to register as supplier at the Ariba network? Where can I find information about the registration? (HOW TO register)

Your company is already a member of the SAP Ariba Network?
If you are already a member of the SAP Ariba Network, you can use your existing account to transact with LEONI. Getting in touch with LEONI in advance will accelerate the onboarding process significantly and lead to a quick establishment of the trading relationship via Ariba Network.

Your company would like to become a member of the SAP Ariba Network? 
Choose your account type on Ariba Network
SAP offers two different account types to Ariba Network partners. Which of the accounts you choose is up to you. For catalog suppliers an Enterprise account is mandatory.

For the first Go-Live of Ariba SLP at LEONI, the Standard (Light) Account would be sufficient for you until further Ariba modules (like Buying/Guided Buying, Sourcing etc.) will Go-Live in a second step in the nearer future.

Are there any financial consequences for me as LEONI supplier by joining the Ariba network?

Which of the accounts you choose is up to you.
A Standard Account is useful for you if your annual number of documents is low. All relevant documents (orders, confirmations, invoices) can be processed via the Standard Account, but it does not offer all network functionalities. For example, orders are only stored on the Ariba Network for a limited time.
If you want to offer LEONI an e-catalog, you can either choose Standard or Enterprise Account. However an Enterprise Account is recommended as you will receive support from Ariba for setting up and publishing the catalog. This will not be available for Standard Account users, here you have to self-enable the catalog based on training material provided by Ariba. Also, the Enterprise Account is advisable if you exchange many documents with LEONI and/or other customers and would like to fully benefit from all Ariba Network functions.
While the SAP Ariba Network Standard Account is free of charge, fees apply to the SAP Ariba Network Enterprise Account. However, if your business remains below a certain threshold, also the Enterprise Account does not cause any fees. In general, the fees are set by SAP Ariba and cannot be influenced by LEONI.

Until when do I have to register at the Ariba network?

The implementation of SAP Ariba SLP at LEONI is planned for mid of 2023. Please note that you, as our valued supplier, will get an invitation email from LEONI to become a registered member of the SAP Ariba Network and have a functional account to successfully continue the business relationship with LEONI.

Whom can I contact in case of problems during the registration process?

We will do our best to make sure that you are fully prepared. Therefore, if you have any further questions kindly have a look to the HOW TO register guideline, which will answer most of your questions. 
In case of further questions please contact us at email address
We will be pleased to assist.

Are there any consequences if I don't register?

In order to successfully continue your supply relationship after the implementation of SAP Ariba SLP at LEONI, you must be or become a member of the SAP Ariba Network.


We use the onboarding E-Mail account for Ariba and EDI onboarding.
Please add or mention in the E-Mail subject line if your topic is related to Ariba or EDI.

Thank you for your support and understanding
Your LEONI Supplier Onboarding Team