Corporate Governance

Information on the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of LEONI AG monitors and advises the Management Board in running the company in accordance with the German Co-determination Act. The Board has an equal number of six members representing shareholders and six members representing employees. 

Member Function Date of birth Profession Place of residence
Friedrich Roithner Chairman of the Supervisory Board 10 March 1963 Member of the Executive Board & CFO, Pierer Industrie AG Linz, Austria
Franz Spieß1 Deputy Chairman 25 January 1957 First Representative, IG Metall (Office Schwabach) Büchenbach
Günther Apfalter   21 August 1960 President Magna Europe & Asia, Magna International Europe GmbH Linz, Austria
Josef Blazicek   15 February 1964 Shareholder Ocean, Qino Group Perchtoldsdorf, Austria
Mark Dischner1   22 December 1973 Chairman of General Works Council, LEONI AG Greding
Michaela Friepeß   15 March 1972 Member of the Executive Board, Pierer Industrie AG Wels, Austria
Carolin Geist1   3 July 1990 Political secretary, IG Metall (Office Nuremberg) Nuremberg
Martin Hering1   5 July 1979 Chairman of Works Council, LEONI Bordnetz-Systeme GmbH Kitzingen Wiesenbronn
Sina Maier1   29 November 1997 Technical Purchasing Officer, LEONI Kabel GmbH Freystadt
Anton Ostrizkij   1 December 1986 Director Sales, SHW Automotive GmbH Memmingen
Rudolf Wiesbeck   18 July 1979 Member of the Executive Board & COO, KTM AG Mühldorf am Inn
Klaus Wolff1    2 May 1967 Head of Development Support, LEONI Bordnetz-Systeme GmbH Ochsenfurt

1 employee representative


LEONI AG’s Supervisory Board formed three committees. The committees raise the efficiency of Supervisory Board work by dealing in detail with complex subjects outside the actual meetings and preparing the findings for the vote by the whole Board.

There are the following committees according to the Supervisory Board’s Rules of Procedure:

Arbitration Committee pursuant to Section 27 (3) of Germany’s Co-Determination Act
Friedrich Roithner (Chairman), Sina Maier, Franz Spieß, Josef Blazicek
Audit Committee
Josef Blazicek (Chairman), Michaela Friepeß, Franz Spieß, Klaus Wolff
Personnel Committee
Friedrich Roithner (Chairman), Mark Dischner, Franz Spieß, Josef Blazicek