Leoni supplies electric vehicle mia with HV wiring system

Enhancement of activities in the field of alternative drives through new Business Unit Electromobility

Nuremberg – Leoni further expands its activities in the field of alternative drives. For that reason, the leading provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, has established the new Business Unit Electromobility, which covers competences of both company divisions. In the second quarter of 2011, the company will start serial delivery of both conventional and high voltage (HV) wiring systems to the electric microbus mia.

Today, Leoni’s electromobility portfolio comprises on the one hand HV cables, harnesses and complete wiring systems, internal wiring solutions for HV batteries, as well as components like power distributors, cable channels and sealing parts. On the other hand, Leoni offers products for the infrastructure of electric vehicles, for example charging cables and internal wiring systems for charging stations. “The new Business Unit’s activities focus on all types of alternative drives, i.e. hybrid, pure electric and fuel cell vehicles. The whole product range supports the overall objective of saving weight, resulting in low energy consumption and environmentally friendly driving,” says Uwe H. Lamann, Member of the Executive Board of Leoni AG with responsibility for the Wiring Systems Division.

The most recent project is the supply to the electric microbus mia. Leoni developed a tailor-made overall wiring system solution for low voltage and high voltage requirements. It is supposed to safely link on the one hand all conventional electric functions like lighting, cockpit devices and audio systems and on the other hand the electric motor with the battery and the inverter. 

The Germany based car manufacturer mia electric is building the vehicle in three versions at its production sites in Cerizay, France. The affiliated French company originated from the electric cars division of the renowned car developer Heuliez. mia electric intends to deliver mia to fleet customers beginning June 2011; sales to individual private customers will start in 2012. As the plant in Cerizay is adapted to an annual capacity of at least 10,000 units, the new electric car will be produced in large scale manufacture.

"We aim at having 5,000 mias on German and French roads from the start of production in June until the end of the year 2011", says Dr. Roman Dudenhausen, Managing Director of mia electric. “We have chosen Leoni as a preferred supplier due to its reputation in terms of quality, innovation, flexibility, and commercial competitiveness.” 

Leoni has been developing and delivering HV cables and harnesses for alternative drives vehicles since 1992. Among others, the company is currently equipping the hybrid cars Chevrolet Tahoe and Cadillac Escalade, and the fuel cell version of Mercedes B class. Recently, Leoni also won the project to supply high-current components for the new electric-driven Chevrolet Volt.