Building a connected HR Community

Learn how Luis and his team revolutionized the entire HR organization in Mexico and made LEONI a better employer.

"In the past couple of years, I have been trying to be an HR influencer."


There is one story that connects me to LEONI since the day I joined – and it is the one that I regard both as my biggest challenge as well as our biggest achievement as an HR community in Mexico.

When I joined more than six years ago, our Mexican HR organization consisted of three individual units operating independently out of our main locations in Hermosillo, Durango and Mérida. You could not speak of a community feeling – on the contrary, sometimes it seemed as if plants were competing against each other. Consequently, we were not able to support each other when challenges came up, making us less of a reliable employer.

This is what my team and I did not want to accept. After all, if we’re not role models as leaders and as the caretaking part of our organization, how can we expect our colleagues on all levels to adhere to the rules and to trust us as their employer?

So my team and I set out on a mission to unite the HR community throughout Mexico our vision to become one supportive ecosystem that would enable us to help each other and become a better employer regardless of the fact that our locations are sometimes more than a thousand miles and a day travel apart.

So, in line with our values and processes we began to rebuild our entire HR organization with an emphasis on transparency and connection. In the beginning, this included a lot of travelling and persistence and I often felt like I was trying to be an HR influencer – but after a few years, we can proudly said that we revolutionized the way we collaborate country-wide.

Now, when a challenge arises, we can instantly share resources, knowledge and even people, for instance, when demand fluctuates.

As a result, we have become a more stable and reliable employer and even our Glassdoor score went up significantly!

For me, this story is significant because it shows me that at LEONI, you can really change something with persistence and the right mindset – and having played a part in making us a better employer still makes me proud every day.