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23.10.2023 Press release

Leoni presents next-generation charging cables

LEONI EcoSense® Nxt and LEONI EcoSense® Nxt+ broaden the cable manufacturer’s product portfolio.

Roth – Lighter and thinner: Leoni has optimised the design of its charging cables – making them easier for electric car owners to handle while simultaneously consuming fewer resources.

Charging electric vehicles depends on the power output at the connected source, the charging technology fitted to the vehicle and the size of the vehicle’s battery. The charging cable’s design is a key factor for short charging times. Leoni presents a new generation of AC charging cables with its two Leoni EcoSense® Nxt and Leoni EcoSense® Nxt+ innovations.

Power-optimised design
The Leoni EcoSense® Nxt+ product portfolio has been power-optimised. The cables are designed for the best possible current carrying capacity for each respective application, thereby reducing the conductor cross section. The outcome is that the total weight of Leoni EcoSense® Nxt is down by six percent; in the case of Leoni EcoSense® Nxt+ it is 20 percent less. The diameter of the Leoni EcoSense® Nxt portfolio is on average four percent less than that of the preceding generation, while it is down by nine percent in the case of Leoni EcoSense® Nxt+.

The cable manufacturer has succeeded in reducing costs thanks to this innovation in terms of product design and optimising the materials used. Leoni is thereby positioning its product innovations on the market at even more attractive value for money. The new design furthermore permits optimised layout of the control wire whereby the wire is better protected against mechanical strains and is less stressed. We furthermore use a more robust core material for this new generation. Both aspects benefit bending cycle resistance and handling.

Supply performance and sustainability
Under its sustainability strategy, Leoni attaches great importance to sparing use of resources. Leoni EcoSense® Nxt and Leoni EcoSense® Nxt+ contribute with, for example, a reduced carbon footprint. The key factors in this respect include the slimmer design by an average of nine percent, increased packing density as well as systematic use of regional suppliers for the input materials.

The Leoni EcoSense® Nxt and Leoni EcoSense® Nxt+ next-generation cables make it possible to meet three standards (IEC, EN and GBT) with just one product. These triple-standard cables can now already be used to charge electric vehicles in 167 countries. Leoni provides separate charging cable solutions for the other two markets, namely Japan (PSE) and North America (UL). The product line-up of both portfolios covers cables between 3x1.5mm²+X and 5x10mm²+X. Both Leoni EcoSense® Nxt and Leoni EcoSense® Nxt+ are now available in all common colour variations.

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Gregor le Claire

Corporate Press Officer