Becoming a working student at LEONI.
Study at university, earn money, make contacts, get work experience.

Complete a degree, grow into the practical side from the start, make exciting contacts while earning money – all of this is possible at LEONI. Working hours are flexible and can be tailored to your needs. During your lecture periods you will be able to work in our company for up to 20 hours a week. During your lecture-free periods, for a maximum of 40 hours. This allows you to test early on where your strengths lie and how we can shape the future together.


Information for working students at LEONI:

  • You are enrolled at a university or college and hold a valid certificate of enrolment
  • Our working students spend between 6 months and 2 years with us
  • You will be paid by the hour according to the IG Metall pay scale EG1
  • As a working student you will be entitled to vacation and compensatory time off, to vacation pay and a Christmas bonus
  • You will work no more than 20 hours a week during lecture periods and no more than 40 hours during lecture-free periods. The precise number of hours worked is agreed with your manager. Working times are flexible through trust-based working hours and flexitime


Reasons to opt for joining LEONI as a working student:


Attractive remuneration with vacation pay and Christmas bonus in a company where pay is protected by pay-scale agreements (IGM)

Modern forms of working together in international, pan-departmental and flat team structures

Sovereignty of time and entitlement to compensatory time off through flexitime and trust-based working hours

Targeted induction and intensive support

Considerable scope for action and rapid assumption of responsibility

Perfect basis for potential career start at LEONI

Pro-rata vacation entitlement according to pay-scale agreement

Networking through student round tables and fireplace meetings with members of management

Valuable years of paying into the pension scheme

How to apply:

Jobs are published throughout the year on the job portal. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible following publication. If you can't see anything that is right for you, you can also apply on-spec.

For data privacy reasons applications can be submitted only via the online portal.

The following documents are required: 

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Relevant reports/certificates/diplomas


This is what one of our working students says:


  • “As a working student at LEONI you can take on a variety of tasks to get to know your area in depth. The terms, for example the salary and the vacation allowance, are extremely attractive for students in particular. The most important thing for me though is that I always feel that I am being treated as a fully valued member of staff. We communicate as peers and if I have any questions, I know that my contact partner will always welcome me. For me, this makes an extremely important contribution to a pleasant working atmosphere.”

    Benedikt, working student in Advanced Development

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