School is over, what now? A professional training course at LEONI!

A professional training course provides a wonderful basis for your personal start to a career. Not only will you learn about the theory at vocational college, but you will also be able to apply it at LEONI during the practical phase. In an international setting with great colleagues and many other trainees you will soon feel like you have arrived. Your training is as multifaceted and varied as you are, and we always support you in making the best possible use of your talents. Launch into the world of work with us and benefit from our great trainee pay and from the individual support you receive throughout your training.


Information on your training at LEONI:

  • Every training starts on 1 September of the year
  • At the beginning, there is an introductory event lasting several days, where you get to know other trainees and dual students as well as the company. Accompanied by a well thought-out induction plan, you will go through various events and training sessions in the first few weeks (e.g. values seminar, team-building measures, etc.), which will help you to find your way around in your new working environment
  • If you are on a business training course, you will spend three or four days a week at LEONI and the remaining one or two days at vocational college. For technical and IT jobs, the structure is slightly different: you will usually spend 2 weeks at vocational college followed by around 4 weeks in the company.
  • For each training program, there is the option of completing a trial internship in advance. You can find more information in the " high school student internship" tab above.
  • The remuneration during training is monthly and based on the IGM pay scale. It increases with every year of training.
  • Pay during training (as of June 2023):
    First year of training: € 1,088.00
    Second year of training: € 1,146.00
    Third year of training: € 1,220.00
    Fourth year of training: € 1,270.00
  • Your working time will be 35 hours a week
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We offer the following training courses (LEONI is an equal opportunities employer):


Reasons to opt for training with LEONI:


Attractive, performance-related remuneration with vacation pay and Christmas bonus in a company where pay is protected by pay-scale agreements (IGM)


Grade-based bonus of up to € 1,000 per year in training for especially good performance at vocational college


Regular excursions and projects at LEONI sites in and outside Germany, depending on the training course


Exciting and interesting tasks during the training, including in our own Junior Company


Best opportunities for the future through guaranteed offers of employment


Targeted progression & support during and also after training


Training is a matter close to our hearts. From the beginning of the training, we accompany you intensively and personally


35 hour week and 30 days annual paid leave


Targeted preparation for exams by the company


How to apply:

Our training schemes are usually published in March / April (Roth) and June / July (Kitzingen, Weißenburg, Bad Kötzting) of the previous year on job portal. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible following publication. If you can't see anything that is right for you, you can also apply on-spec.

For data privacy reasons applications can be submitted only via the Online-Portal.

The following documents are required: 

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Relevant reports/certificates/diplomas


What some of our current and former trainees say:


  • “On a human level I have thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration: as colleagues we can only achieve our goals together, we contribute our strengths and support each other in all tasks. On a professional level I really appreciate the fact that I delve deeply into business management contexts as part of my training – and I can see immediately what it looks like in real life situations. The varied field of activities is a great plus for me: I keep learning new things and now have a number of tasks for which I am 100% responsible and which I can help shape right from the word go.”

    Helena, training to be an industrial business manager

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